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Club Fitting

Take the guess work out of choosing your next set by booking a professional fit at Carramar. A fitting takes about an hour and is generally only available by appointment. At Carramar we have all the latest clubfitting equipment to help improve your game. We have a large staff of PGA professionals to help you achieve the ball flight and trajectory you desire. We have fitting centres from Callaway, Ping, Taylormade and Wilson as well as many demo clubs from all the top brands.

A fitting session generally starts off by you hitting a few shots so your professional can assess your swing . In this time he is particularly concerned with your handicap, your goals, your physique, as well as your swing speed and any swing faults you may have. It is important to bear in mind we want to build a set around your best swing rather than your worst. Through trying many different specification clubs your fitting professional will determine along with you what will best suit your game. Some of the factors taken into account are shaft length, flex and weight, along with lie angle, grip size as well head design. Whether you want to spend $400 or $4,000 your qualified clubfitter is there to guide you through!

Taylormade fitting centre

What length club do you need?

Dynamic lie detector test

What is your grip size?

Which shaft is right for you?

Where on the face do you hit the ball?

Can you hit the ball straight and true?

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