Tim Crosbie - Head Professional & Director

AAA PGA Professional and Director. Tim has been a golf professional since 1980 and has been the head professional at Carramar since it opened in 1994. Tim is generally not available for private coaching.


Tom Fleck - Pro Shop Manager

AA PGA Professional and Manager. Tom has been a professional since 1987 and is the manager at the Carramar Golf Course. Tom played the Australian circuit for many years and is a knowledgeable clubfitter.


Chris Hevron - Pro Shop Manager

AA PGA Professional and manager. Chris has been a golf Professional since 1992 and is the pro shop manager at Carramar. He is an excellent coach and clubfitter.


Pat Tobin - Senior Professional

AA PGA professional. Pat is one of the most experienced professionals at Carramar. He has been a golf professional since 1961 and spent some 25 years at Hammersley Golf Course as head professional. Pat is available to provide friendly advice to any golfer in regards to coaching or their next set of clubs.


David Howard - Head Coach

AA PGA Professional. David became a professional in 1961 and is both a member of the British and Australian PGA's. He is the head coach at Carramar and specializes in video analysis. He has been a member of the PGA ruling body since 1995. He is available for group and private coaching as well as being a knowledgable clubfitter.


Gary Douglas

AA PGA Professional. Gary has been a golf professional since 1991 and has also been a licensed real estate salesman since 2002. Garry is an all round expert in coaching, club fitting and repair. He left the golf industry to enter the real estate business a few years ago but missed golf and now combines his Carramar real estate job with some part time golf work.


Dennis Rosenwald

AA PGA Professional. Dennis has been a golf professional since 1999 and was a professional at The Vines Resort for 8 years. Dennis has many business interests including a TAB in Whitfords and works part time at Carramar


Jim Danas - Junior Coach

Jim is a AA rated PGA member and has been a golf pro since 1999 and is also in charge of our junior golf program.


Ben Harris

Ben is a qualified personal trainer and our resident IT specialist. Sports mad Ben is a keen golfer and has a good knowledge of club and shaft design.


Michael Lewis

Michael has recently arrived in Australia from Botswana. He is scratch handicapper and is looking to turn professional in the very near future.


Adam Lewis

Adam is a student and up and coming golf champion.


Aaron Tedesco

Aaron is a student and keen rugby player and golfer.


Ian Appleton

Ian is studying law at ECU and is a keen golfer.