Junior Academy

Duncan & Crosbie Junior Academy

The Duncan & Crosbie Junior Golf Academy is a great way of introducing this great sport to juniors aged 7 to 17. Duncan & Crosbie academies have been running since 1989 and are curently running at both Carramar and Marangaroo. They use a very comprehensive coaching program that has been formalised over many years. It gives budding junior golfers in the northern suburbs a great grounding and gives every opportunity to learn a sport they can play for life. We enjoy taking raw recruits and teaching them the fundamentals of golf, encouraging them to practise and improve their golfing and social skills to a level where they can confidently and comfortably play on the course with friends or adults. Once our juniors have reached an acceptable level in course etiquette and golf ability, both Marangaroo and Carramar actively promote junior golfers onto the course midweek and weekends. Parents and guardians are encouraged to take these budding players out to practise and play as often as possible. Our junior program runs in conjunction with;

The Graham Marsh Junior Golf Foundation

The National PGA Schweppes Junior Golf Program