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Normal Weekday

On a normal weekday  bookings are not required - just come along and put your name on the start sheet.

Weekend & Public Holidays Online Bookings now operating...
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Our Phone Booking System has changed to Online Bookings on 4th November

Online bookings are commencing at Carramar and Marangaroo golf courses on Tuesday 4th November for Saturday 8th November. The current phone booking system has been in operation since 1988 and in consultation with the City of Wanneroo, course managers DC Golf are introducing online bookings and a number of other changes. These changes will make booking a game more convenient, and alleviate problems of large numbers of players booking and not turning up.

To help people plan their weekend, bookings will open two days earlier than before. Bookings will now open at 9am Tuesday for Saturday, and 9am Wednesday for Sunday. Public holiday bookings will open 7 days prior at 9am. Bookings can be made online or over the phone but like booking movie or football tickets, credit card payments will be required at the time.

Another positive change is that people will now be able to book for up to 8 players at a time which will better suit most people.

Larger social groups of 20 or more will also be able to book up to 12 months in advance as long as they play after 9am and not more than 4 times per year. This will give social groups the opportunity to enjoy the City's wonderful golf courses. Groups will be required to pay 30 days in advance without refund.

The fastest way to book will be online at or

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To be able to book online all players will need is an email address and a valid credit card. The new system will also allow course mangers to send players tee time reminders, and keep them better informed as to course news.

Don't have a credit card or internet access? Don't panic! You will still be able to book, but will need to come and create a credit account at the course prior to booking.

The course managers expect that the changes won't suit everyone, but the faster more modern system is the way of the future with many courses already using online bookings across Australia, including the Wembley Golf Complex. A number of other public courses are also planning to follow suit in the coming months. Some players will prefer not to book and they will still be welcome to come down and go on the standby list to get a game, just remember that priority will be given to booked players.

The new websites for each course will also provide a lot more information for players as they will be able to view the booking sheet on weekends and check availability, and also look at the events calendar and better plan their golf day as well as check current weather forecasts.

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